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Up a little twisty stair | 27-Sep-16

Up a little twisty stair
Through a tiny door
To a most enchanting place
The land of years before.


Oh, magic land of years before
What happy times we share
When we go through the tiny door
Up the little twisty stair.

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Up a little twisty stair,
Through a tiny door,
To a most exciting place
"The Land of Years Before".
Here is Grandpa's rocking-chair,
Great-Aunt Jemima's shawl,
The crinoline Great-grandma wore
At her first grown-up ball;
A little pair of satin shoes,
A coat of bottle-green,
And Grandma Trinder's wedding-dress
The sweetest ever seen.
Oh, magic "Land of Years Before",
What happy times we share
When we go through the tiny door
Up the little twisty stair!

This poem came from a book I owned when I was 6 or 7 years old - 1950-ish. The page was illustrated with two pen-and-ink sketches - a rocking chair in an attic with slippers, shawl, a man's coat and a cobweb, and the other picture showing two little children going up the stairs to the attic. Lots of my books were second hand and I would guess, looking at the illustrations in the book, it dated from some time between the wars - ?1930s/1940s, perhaps.It does contain some illustrations with boys in smocks and knickerbockers and buckle shoes,that could even be turn-of-the-century. The illustrations certainly pre-date Enid Blyton. The book was Happy Valley Picture and Story Book, written and illustrated by M W Scutt, published by Juvenile Productions Ltd. London. The front cover shows three children on a cliff top playing on a see-saw, three more children playing leap-frog and a dog.
I came across another copy of this same book in a jumble sale when my own children were young - in the 1980s - and still have it.
I hope this information is of interest to your enquirer.
Jilly Sullivan

Jilly Sullivan

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