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Dreaming of the old days | 18-Oct-17

Enquirer is seeking any information on the following poem. The poem was originally found and written down on a visit to Blenheim Palace some years ago:

Dreaming of the old days
    Brings you back to me
Dreaming of the old days
   Makes me long to be
Back where hours were
Back where skies were
Back with the golden
      Happy days with you

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Do you know this poem? Do you have any clues to help us find it?


My mother has altzheimers and she would recite a children's poem that she could remember from her school days. Unfortunately she has now forgotten most of it and we would like to recite it back to her. I hope you can help

The poem started
2 spiders on a window sill set off one day to roam
They hope to find a comfy place to call their very own
The window they were sitting on was open just a chink
Said one my dear let's go in here. The very thought I think
They climbed up to the ceiling high to find a comfy place
They hoped to build a cosy house of spiders web and lace

Some missing

That's where they are living now
In cosey little rooms
Miles and miles and miles away in fluffy feather broom

I hope you can help fill in the missing part


David Mulcahy

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