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"Where are the snowdrops?" said the sun | 19-Feb-18

Enquirer is looking for a poem containing the following lines:

"Where are the snowdrops?" said the sun
"Dead" said the frost
Buried and lost."
A foolish answer" said the sun
"They do not die
Asleep they lie
And I will wake them, I the sun
Clothed in white

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This is one of a pair of poems by Annie Matheson [1853-1924] that used to be sung as hymns in school assemblies as winter changed to spring.

The other one goes:

“It’s rather dark in the earth today,”
Said one little bulb to its brother.
“But I thought that I felt a sunbeam’s ray.
We must strive and grow till we find our way”
And they nestled close to each other.
They struggled and toiled by day and night,
Till two little snowdrops, green and white,
Rose out of the darkness and into the light;
And softly kissed one another.

That's as accurate as ancient memory can get. I *could* also sing both tunes but as Melville's Bartleby says: I would prefer not to.
Tom Deveson

A more accurate [I think] version of the verse quoted in the question goes:

“Where are the snowdrops?” said the sun.
“Dead” said the frost,
“Buried and lost,
Every one.”
“A foolish answer,” said the sun,
“They did not die,
Asleep they lie,
Every one.
But I will wake them, I the sun,
Into the light,
All clad in white,
Every one.”

See the previous answer for author and other accompanying verse.
Tom Deveson

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