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"A lorgnette hung on a platinum chain / to deputize for her sightless brain" | 25-Apr-05

This poem is about a Mrs Fand who is completely reliant on artifice for her appearance, with her whalebone stays and her foxfur stole. When she goes to the zoo and peers (through her lorgnette!)  at a snake in all its sinuous beauty - she has the effrontery to find it repulsive - "the nasty, horrid thing, she said"

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I do know this poem but, as it is in Nemo's Almanac for 2005, I would rather not give the answer until 1st September
Caroline Heal

Our enquirer has now discovered the poem - it is 'Coverings' by Stella Gibbons, author of Cold Comfort Farm. The poem can be read in Gibbons' Collected Poems, published by Longmans in 1950, which is available in the Poetry Library.
Poetry Library

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