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"Blow wind blow and blow Kirken's hat..." | 05-May-05

"Blow wind blow
and blow Kirken's hat
over hill and vales.."

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This is probably a translation from a verse in a fairytale collected by the Grimm brothers; the original goes:
"Weh, weh, Windchen,
Nimm K?rtchen sein H?tchen,
Bis ich geschniegelt und geschnatzt
Und dann wieder aufgesatzt." (It is said by a girl disguised as a herdsboy who doesn't want Kurt, another herdsboy, to see her combing and braiding her long hair, so she asks the wind to blow his hat away so that he goes chasing after it while she does her hair and puts her own hat back on unobserved).
Eva Kuester

I had a children's gramophone record - The Goose Girl, in which the girl sings, "Blow wind blow - Blow blow I say -Take Colin's silly hat - and blow it far away"
Rosie Davis

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