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"Here in the house where we are singing this..." | 23-May-05

"Here in the house where we are singing this
Long generations will come after us
Friends we will never know will come to share
This life of our wondering what we were"

This quote came from my Aunt and well before 1939.  There was some thought that it could have been a quote from a school song. She attended the school in the 1920's
somewhere in the Wimbledon area.

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By John Masefield. I don't know the title.

Here in this house, where we are singing thus,
Long generations will come after us
Friends we shall never know will come to share
This life of ours, wondering who we were.

I was at Wimbledon County School (a State grammar school) in the Sixties, and this poem was always recited on the School Birthday, which was a day of high ceremony.
The school no longer exists; it vanished with all the other grammar schools into the maw of the comprehensive, just after I left; which makes the poem very poignant.
Heather Owen

Just a few changes... from when I knew it and it was sung as a hymn

Here in this house, where we are singing thus,
Long generations will come after us
Friends we have never known will come to share
This life of ours, wondering who we were.

grace foody

I attended Methodist Ladies College in Sydney Australia, and this was our school hymn
Heidi Hankins

I could sing it for you!! This was our schoolsong---at Stand Grammar School for girls--which I attended from 1941to 1948! I love the message and think it even more important today to create a beautiful envirnment for future generations!
Rosalie Walton

When my late mother left Parkfields Cedars Grammar School, Derby, in 1935, the Headmistress presented her with a copy of The Collected Poems of John Masefield. This poem was included as a separate, handwritten item with the comment, "John Masefield, about 1910 as far as I know. Unpublished." It is also (in my copy) untitled.

David Cooil, Isle of Man
David Cooil

I attended Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for girls, it was our school hymn too. Though I only remember ever having sung it once, it was none the less on display all over the place.
Rebecca Aston

This poem that I love so much used to hang in the family home in Ireland. I think my mother who was a New Zealander may have learned this as her school. She attended Solway College at Masterton in the 1920"s. She did create a home "where beauty never ends"in Dalkey, south of Dublin, overlooking the sea...
Jasmine Ashmore-Brodie

This is the school song of St Felix School, Southwold, which I attended from 1965-69. It is a poem by John Masefield.
Kay May

Here in this house where we are singing thus, long generations will come after us. Freinds we shall never know will come to share this life of ours, wondering what we were. Long after we are gone there minds will take theier human pathways our endeavours make..........

I was at St Felix 1984 to 1993 and it WAS the school song written for the school by John Masefield as he was friends with Miss Lucy Silcox who was the second headmistress of our school.

I guess lots of other schools "borrowed" our song!!!!
Louise Tillotson (Parker)

This was still the school song of Stand Grammar School for Girls, Whitefield, Manchester when I attended the school in the late 1960s and early 1970s. The music teacher, Mrs Backhouse was very strict. Woe betide anyone who didn't hit the right note!
Stephanie Quattrini (maiden name Malach)

I went to Sutton Coldfield High School for Girls 1953-1958. It was sung at special occasions such as Speech Days etc. I am now a member of the 'Old Girls Association' and it is sung at our reunions. It is very emotive and nostalgic. I understand the title is 'Beauty'.
Marlene (Tinkler)

This was the school song at Stand Grammar School for Girls, Whitefield, Lancashire, when I was there in the 1940s.
I seem to remember being told that it was originally the school song of a prestigious boys' public school, but I forget which one.
Jean Wallace

I was a pupil at Stand Grammar School for Girls, Whitefield, Manchester, from 1961 - 1967, and this was our school song.
Bev Harden

My Mother, one of my Aunts, my Sister and I all attended Wimbledon County School for Girls, as it was known. This was an 11+ Grammar School, which became Rickards Lodge in the late 1960s, when Comprehensive Education replaced the selective system. The Poem was not sung at WCS; an illuminated version of it was hung in the main corridor outside the Head's Room. The Head Girl had to learn it by heart and recite it at Wimbledon Town Hall on Speech Day, or Prizegiving as it was called and also on the School Birthday. It was titled simply 'School Poem' and we always assumed that Masefield had written it for us, but I now believe that it was written for Saint Felix at Southwold. I was Head Girl in 1968 and remember learning the poem as I waited outside the Head's Office for my weekly appointment. I have a copy of the Poem.
Mary Sitwell nee Godsland

I was a pupil at Putney County School, Mayfield where we were told that it was OUR school song given to us by John Masefield. I believe it is call BEAUTY. Mayfield was founded in 1907 became a Comprehensive in 1950s and closed to become an ITcollege.
We sang it at every birthday celebration and still do at Old Girls Reunions.
This is only part of the poem
Sheilah Roberts

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this poem (school song) was written by John Masefield for St Felix School, Southwold. Suffolk. He was a friend of the then headmistress, Lucy Silcox. The song, with music arranged by Etta Addis, an ex-pupil, is still sung today (2011).
Fran D'Alcorn

I am searching for the FULLtext of Masefield's poem written for St Felix School, Southfold c1910 beginning Her in this house where we are singing thus
Margaret Cable

Its Beauty ...... The school song of Sutton Coldfield Grammar School for Girls, Jockey Road, Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands, England.

Beauty by John Masefield

Here in this house, where we are singing thus,

Long generations will come after us;

Friends we shall never know will come to share

This life of ours, wondering what we were,

Long after we are gone their minds will take

The human pathways our endeavours make.

We shall not see them, but we can endow

This place with the beauty for them, here and now.

We can so live that after we are dead

They may find beauty here like daily bread.

We can so live that they may find, each one,

A life here of truth said and kindness done;

The knowledge, that this world of mysteries

Wants many thousands true for one that?s wise;

The faith, that when a twilight finds us gone,

All we have consecrated will live on

To help the souls of other unseen friends

Into a calm where beauty never ends.
Ann Leonard

This was the school hymn for St. Felix School, Southwold, Suffold which I attended, lo those many years ago), It goes on "...We may not know them but we can endow this place with beauty for them here and now". Can't remember the rest. It was soooo long ago!
Melene Oliphant

'...where we are singing thus'
It was my old school song at Whitefield Stand Grammar School for Girls (1952-56). The next reunion takes place in September 2012.
Diane Paul

I am intrigued by all these comments about Beauty. The school song as I remember it from my days at Sutton Coldfield Grammar (then High) School for Girls was composed by my father's first wife, then Jean Hunt, later Jean Jager, who was the first music mistress at the school when it opened in the late 1920s. I am wondering whether the settings referred to as the School song for St Felix in Southwold, and Stand Grammar School for Girls use the same music, or whether they sang a setting by a different composer?
Sue Osmaston


I attended Putney County School, Mayfield, 1946-1952. "Beauty" by John Masefield was our school song, sung at every school birthday celebration and known by heart by every pupil, the whole of it quoted here by another contributor. In later years a new tune was written for it by our music mistress but that never caught on. It's words are very poignant and fitting for a school establishment. It will never be forgotten by pupils who have sung it so many times. I love it.
Patricia Ironbar (nee Taylor)

The words and music to Beauty by John Masefield just came into my head for some reason as I was lying in bed half asleep this morning. It is indeed the school song for Sutton Coldfield Girls Grammar - I was ther in the 60's. I loved the song but would also like to know who composed the music, and do all the different schools who use it sing it to the same tune?
Francesca Odell

This is certainly the school song of MLC School Burwood (Sydney, Australia) where I was a student between 1981 and 1986 (the school centenery) and I believe this to remain the school song today (2016). The music we used was composed by an Australian composer, Lindley Evans. It is lovely to read that this beautiful poem is so important at so many schools across the world and it would be so lovely to hear the many forms it has taken. The words still bring tears to my eyes - happy tears. There is an entry about my school in wikipedia which provides information about "our" school song, and its origins, should anyone care to look - I cannot provide a link, unfortunately
kristie jones

This was our school song at Shirebrook School for Girls. I think it was adapted as I don't remember it being quite so long and some lines I don't recognise. I was there between1949/1956. The school no longer exists and it seems neither do any of my peers!
Ann Brookes (nee Jones)

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