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"I am sore wounded but not slain" | 23-May-05

"I am sore wounded but not slain
I will lay me down and bleed a while
And then rise up to fight again"

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There are words very like the quote in a very old, very long ballad called 'Sir Andrew Barton':
‘Fight on, my men!’ says Sir Andrew Barton,
‘I am hurt, but I am not slain;
I’le lay me downe and bleed a-while,
And then I’le rise and fight again.

The quote is verse LXIV; the whole thing can be seen online in the Oxford Book of Ballads on Bartleby.

Without having researched it, I would say that that verse has probably been picked out and quoted often, separately from the ballad, judging by its appearances on the internet.

The two lines "I'll lay me downe and bleed awhile,
Then I'll rise and fight again" were also used as a refrain in the poem 'Alastair Buchan', written by the author John Buchan in memory of his brother killed in the First World war.

E.M. MacGregor

I read this many years ago. As I remember an English lord fighting in the crusade wars in North Africa Was fatally wounded and taken from the battle by his servants. As he lay dying he said I'll lay me here and bled awhile and then I'll rise and fight again
I have been looking for some confirmation of this for a long time Thanks all
John Sutherland

can't help with the poem but here it quoted on CBC today. I was having a bad day and it gave me a boost to go deal with my challanges. I will bookmark this this site and come back often.
Murdoch Gillingham

Interesting Note: I first saw mention of this quote in an article about Former US President Richard Nixon. He indicated that the verse from the ballad ran through his mind as he departed the White House for the last time after he had resigned.
Stephen Ptak

I first heard this while serving in England.The English told me it was from an old North Humberland war song.
wilbur j doucette

After a political and personnal defeat, Tommy Douglas, a great canadian statesmen quoted these lines and it struck me as being remarkably descriptive of his personnality. As i can see, he was also a man of great culture.
Jacques Dupuis

This seems to be from The Child Ballads: 169. Johnie Armstrong
Carole Kenney

I only recently read this quote in a James Michner memoir "The World is My Home."
Mr. Michner also could not recall where He'd read it, but it is an enpiring quote anyway.
I say it every day.
Lee Bowers

YES I know this poem, I've been carring it in my wallet for years.... DO you want the WHOLE poem or the author
John Jefferson

I'm wounded not, but I'm not slain.
I'm brusied and faint they say
Just let me lie and bleed awhile;
I'll not be long this way.

My Spirit's low and my eyes flow.
My heart is sad and sore;
But when my pen'ent tears are gone,
I'll stand and fight some more.

I'll bind these wounds; I'll dry these tears;
I'll close this bleeding vein;
I'll not lie here and weep and die:
I'll rise and fight again.

'Twas yesterday I bowed so low,
Was weak from tears and pain;
Today I'm strong; my fears are gone;
Today I fight again.

John Jefferson

Hume? I heard this quoted on a news show and the talking head said it was hume or home. As I remember it went
Lay me down and let me bleed a while
For I am wonded but not slain
And I will rise and fight again
Mark Landsman

Then spake Sir ...... ......
I'm wounded but I am not slain
I'll lie me down and bleed awhile
Then rise and strike again

Sorry, that's all I've got.

Bob Hawkey

Thank you John Jefferson - "I'm wounded but not slain, etc." has haunted me for yrs. I saw it in a movie called Homecoming and loved it ever since!!
Joyce W
Joyce Weiss

I know this was posted many years ago, but I was wondering if anyone finally got the name of the author of the poem that John Jefferson posted. I would really like to know. Thank you
Joe Lienau

Fight on, fight on cried Sir Somebody
I am hurt but I am not slain
I'll lay me down and bleed a while
And then I'll rise and fight again

Didn't Adlai Stephenson quote that?
Ann Young

Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the query about this poem.
i can remember the line 'I am a fearful wounded,I'll lay me down a while".
Would this be another version of the poem or a completely different one?
Then again, it may be that I do not know what I am talking about.
angela Windsor

This was a favorite of Ronald Reagan and was on a desk plaque in his office.
Joe Tordone

This poem or ballad refers to Sir Andrew Barton 1466 to 1511 (Wikiepedia)who had a letter of marque from James VI of Scotland to raid Portugese ships off Scotlands coast. Unfortunately he was captured by English ships and wrongfully beheaded.
raymond mooney

I am wounded, not slain, I lay me down for to bleed awhile, and I shall rise to fight you again. John Dryden, 17th century poet and author,

As Joyce Weiss mentioned here, I saw Homecoming yesterday and Lana Turner says these lines on the hospital bed when Clark Gable comes to pay her a visit. She said it beautifully and has made a home in my mind ever since!
The other part was she referred about a quote: When an army man leaves his outfit, all debts and friendships are cancelled. How poignant!
Kanwal Chopra

from a collection of English ballads assemble by a man named Child. Ballad 167a starting at line 65:

167A.65 ?Ffight on my men,? sayes Sir Andrew Bartton,
?I am hurt, but I am not slaine;
I?le lay mee downe and bleed a-while,
And then I?le rise and fight againe.

Mike Doucette

It is from Child Ballad No. 167, an English folk song entitled "Sir Andrew Barton" (cf. Wikipedia on Andrew Barton (privateer):

I am hurt but I am not slain
I'll lay me down and bleed awhile
Then I'll rise and fight again
Tim Barnes

Sean Mickey

president richard nixon nixon farewell adress

Coach bear Bryant loved this poem5
Mickey Linder

Marv Levy used Sir Andrew quote after Bills first Super Bowl defeat, recently shown on "30 for 30". Bills rose many times!
Gerard Morrisey

I, too, heard it in the movie, "Homecoming", wherein Lana Turner, who was Clark Gable's nurse during WWII, said it as she lay in a hospital bed, dying. I have never forgotten the words - they are very haunting, and inspiring.
Joan Monaghan

no comments at this time.
Margaret Watkins

I've also seen a John Dryden quote that is close to the same.

I'm a little wounded,
but I am not slain;
I will lay me down to bleed a while.
Then I'll rise and fight again.

Can anyone tell me which is the original quote?
This is almost identical to The Child Ballad 167
Lean Eilis

These lines are from an early ballad (one of the “Child Ballads”). The original author of the ballad in which the lines are found ("I’ll lay me down to bleed a while and rise to fight again”) is not known.
Anne Firth Murray

These words are quoted in A Man Called Intrepid by W Stevenson
"Fight on, my men, Sir Andrew says
A little ime hurt, but yet not slaine
Ile but lye downe and bleede awhile
And then ile rise and fight againe"

The Ballad of Sir Andrew Barton
Lydia Evans

It's the Ballad of Andrew Barton, the Scotch Pirate. Number of versions circulating.
Dover Press features it in its Booke of Pyrates (ghost written by Daniel Defoe)
Martha Glisson

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