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Little Nellie | 26-May-05

"On a sunny summer's day
When the very wind was warm,
Little Nellie walked away
With a basket on her arm."

Poem may be of Scottish origin.

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My mom used to recite it to me when I was small. I would like to know the author.
Thermute Solomon

I, also, remember this being recited to me as a child by my darling Mum.#
The other words I remember are along the lines of :-
"On a sunny summer's day,
When the wind was very warm.
Little Nellie walked away,
With a basket on her arm."

"Past the fields, through the woods.
Til' she reached an open space,
Where in wonder Nellie stood,
With the sunlight on her face"

"Bees, oh tell me, if, you can
Have I really, really come
To the place, called
Fairyland ?"
Isobel Grewcock

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