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Spring is Come | 26-May-05

Enquirer remembers reading a poem of this title in a poetry anthology published by Blackie.

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This is a long shot, but I wonder if it might have been a 'modernised' version of an anonymous mediaeval poem, whose opening lines are:

Lenten is comen with loue to toune,
With blosmen and with briddes roune
That al this blisse bryngeth....

[Spring is come with love to town
With blossoms and with birdsong
That all this joy brings....]

Alex MacPhee

It's Caedmon's Hymn.
Mary Darroch

Unfortunately, it's not Caedmon's Hymn. Caedmon's Hymn is not about Spring, but a song of praise to God, and opens

"Now we must praise the Protector of the heavenly kingdom" etc

("Nu sculon herigean heofonrices weard" etc)

Alex MacPhee

I wonder whether this is your poem. I remember reading it in a poetry anthology in the school library in 1959.

Spring is sprung,
The grass is riz
I wonder where the boidies is.
They say the boids is on the wing but that's absoid -
The wings is on the boid.
Jilly Sullivan

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