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"I love the roaring waterfall..." | 30-Jun-05

"I love the roaring waterfall
within some romantic glen.
Mid desert wilds, remote from all
the gay and busy haunts of men.
For its loud thunders sound to me
like voices from Eternity"

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The poem appears in an anthology - "Sacred Harmony: A Collection of The Best Poetical Pieces of the Most Eminent Christian Poets and Writers of England and America". London: Chales Daly, 1838 [1837 on half-title page, probably first edition], pp. 41-42. - The author's name is given as "Raffles"; probably the Congregationalist minister Thomas Raffles (1788-1863), cousin of Sir Thomas Stanford Raffles.
Susanne Schmidt

I have an original copy of "Sacred Harmony". It has been in my wifes family for generations. It was given to her father's great grandmother as a gift by a suiter and is inscribed with the date 1840. Can you tell us about the book and the anthology. We were just reading some of the poetry out loud after dinner. We did an internet search and found your site. We would like your in- sight. The book is inscribed with the most delightful dedication..."from your most zealous admirer...." and is dedicated to my wife's great great grand mother. We would appreciate your insight.
Brian Henson

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