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'It's Behind You' | 30-Jun-05

"I don't wamt to scare you
but just behind you
is a.....

No! Don't look!
Just act calmly
As if it wasn't there....

Oh, I see, it doesn't, never mind
you'd better leave just in case
I expect you'll escape
if you don't look round.

Oh what a shame!
I thought you'd make it
to the door. Hard luck.
I still think it means no harm
I expect it eats all its friends."

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Could you find the poem for me please
" Just in case"
by Charlotte Mitchell
Mavis Dean

Like mavis Dean, I would like the poem 'Just in case' by Charlotte Mitchell. I have half of it but not the rest. Can you help?
Linda Turner

please send me the last line of the poem,
just in case
margaret buckley

Looking for a poem about packing for holidays JUST IN CASE- putting item in bag then taking them out then in again just in case
Sheelagh Carroll

It's behind you by David Harmer

in the Usbourne Collection of Scary Poems (out of print)
ian starkey

The whole poem is as follows

It?s behind you
By David Harmer

I don?t want to scare you
But just behind you
Is a ?

No! don?t look!
Just act calmly
As if it wasn?t there.

Like I said
Can you hear me if I whisper?
Just behind you
Is a ?

Just keep on reading
Don?t turn round, believe me
It isn?t worth it.

If you could see
What I can see standing there
You?d understand.

It?s probably one
Of the harmless sort
Although with that mouth
Not to mention the teeth
And all that blood
Dripping down its chin
I wouldn?t like to say

Oh Listen
It?s trying to speak
I think it wants to be friends

Oh I see it doesn?t, never mind
You?d better leave just in case
I expect you?ll escape
If you don?t look round

Oh what a shame!
I thought you?d make it
To the door. Hard luck
I expect it bites all its friends

Tonie Shaer

In regards to questions about 'Just In Case' by Charlotte Mitchell - the volume of poetry it is included in is called 'Just in Case - poems in my pocket' by Charlotte Mitchell published by Souvenir Press - many new and used copies on Amazon and a couple on ebay. Also another volume 'I Want to Go Home' available

If anyone would like me to email the poem please let me know.
(I'm her daughter!)
Candy Guard

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