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'The Greenloch' | 20-Jul-05

Far in the hills the greenloch lies
Its constant emerald mocks at the skies
Whether the sky be grey or blue
Never the greenloch changes hue
For at earliest dawn when the winds are still
Over the brow of the western hill
The fairies come in a happy throng
With elfin laughter and elfin song
Trouping down to the waters side
To bathe in it's cool enchanted tide
Over the under they trash about
They race with the shy little silver trout
They twist and tumble and dart and dive
Till all the lake is alight and alive
But ere the morning has well begun
They all come leaping forth to the sun
They hang for a shimmering moment there
Shaking their curls in the warm bright air
Then glow with a tremulous sparking sheen
Like the jewelled rose of an eastern queen
Then rise like thistledown over the trees
And float away on the heather sweet breeze
They leave not a sign - they leave not a trace
A tremulous calm lies over the place
Only the cool cool waters bide
To tell the secret they never can hide

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I put this request on here, and thanks to my daughter searching the web, have found out where it comes from.

It comes from a book called "The Fairy Flute" by Rose Fyleman. It was first published in 1921, and I am thrilled to say that my daughter bought me an original copy which she found on the internet. Years of wondering and at last the mystery is solved.
Shirley Hobbs

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