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Satirical poem about World War One | 16-Aug-05

The enquirer knows the following lines:

Give wings, O Muse, to my pedestrian pen,
Whilst I relate that He, like other men,
Ere he could boast the menace of a beard
Or learn to grieve that he was gently reared,
Forsaking both the study and the sward,
He gave his budding manhood to the Lord
 - Lord Kitchener - who took a proper pride
In teaching Youth the joys of homicide.

The female patriot and the mitred sage
And many men past military age
All said that War, God's scholastic whim,
Was just the sort of thing to make a Man of him.
He liked the notion and approved the plan
It would be splendid to be made a Man

... (two missing lines)...

On barrack square our here heard the call
Of saintly sergeant, courteous corporal
And 'picking up those feet' he knew anon
The way to 'wip it out and wop it on'

But when his comrades, having been selected
From that same school of character, elected
To die in haste and decompose at leisure,
The spectacle afforded him no pleasure


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This is part of a long poem entitled ?The Bubble? by Gerald Bullett (December 30, 1893 ? January 3, 1958), who was employed by the BBC during the second world war.

The book was published by J. M. Dent in 1934.

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