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The Shipping Forecast | 01-Sep-05

A poem containing humorous innuendo.

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I seem to remember that there was a humourous drama (Radio 4?) a few years ago that had the names of the sea areas as characters' names. That's all I can remember - I remember hearing the trailers at the time. Don't know if it was a one-off or a series.
Val Sellars

I think this is the poem by Sean Street called Shipping Forecast at Donegal
daphne sayed

There is a humourous poem with this title in "Guide Cats for the Blind" DVD. The proceeds go to RNIB. Can't remember the details but the DVD title will point you in the right direction. regards.
michael crosbie

Sorry Guide Cats for the Blind is a CD not DVD
michael crosbie

The poem "shipping forecast Donegal" by Sean Street is mentioned in "Attention All Shipping" [Charlie Connelly ISBN 0349116032]. It may or may not be in "Radio waves - poes celebrating the wireless" [Pub Enitharmon] or "Radio & other poems [Rockingham press ISBN 1873468687].
Trevor Morris

The "Guide Cats for the Blind" CD is an anthology of Les Barker poems read by (mainly) Radio 2 broadcasters (and does indeed include his parody of The Shipping Forecast).
Tim Rowe

les barker reading his own humourous poem 'the shipping forecast' can be viewed on utube
deborah barnett

There seem to be two stories here. My poem, "Shipping Forecast, Donegal" was broadcast on BBC Radio 4 in 1998 as part of my National Poetry Day sequence, "Radio, Ten Poems about Sound". This was subsequently published in the Rockingham Press Collection "Radio and Other Poems", and also in my Enitharmon Anthology, "Radio Waves", as Trevor Morris correctly states. It has recently appeared again in my 2010 collection, "Time Between Tides - New and Selected Poems" published by Rockingham Press.
Sean Street

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