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Poem featuring wooden leg | 01-Sep-05

"... she cried in accents cheery and waved her wooden leg aloft"

Enquirer thinks that the poem may be by Robert Service.

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My mother and grandmother, always said tnis as we started off on a trip "We're off she cried, as she waved aloft her wooden leg"! When I asked my mother where it came from she thought it might have been Victorian in origin, but didn't know any more than that line.
RA Rogers

Don't know the poem &/or author, but father used to recite this line: "At last," she cried and waved aloft her wooden leg, "My country will (or shall) be free!"

The son of s Scottish school teacher, father was an avid reader. much more literate than I, and, to the best of my knowledge, never misquoted.
Wallace Hale

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