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'Murphy and His Little Girl' | 16-Sep-05

"Murphy was one of God's gentlemen
That's what the skypilots said
And you should have seen the macho man
Out amidst the wounded and dead"

Poem remembered from the 1930s in Derbyshire, about the First World War.

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I have the whole of Murphys Little Girl.
Please mail me if you would like it
Jill Round

If someone would like to e.mail me at jillianround@aol.com for more details
Jill Round

my mother recited the poem out in circa 1919-20 in primary school and won a ribbon or some thing it took the family years to find the whole poem which i have and i,m going to send it to the local newspaperfor the ww1 centenary
richard Myler

I have the full hand written poem that belonged to my grandfather in the first world war.does anyone know the authors name

pat shaw

I notice from some of the comments that one or two people have the words to the poem Murphey and his little girl' I wonder if you would be so kind as to send this on to some of your contacts please as I would love to have a copy a copy. An elderly neighbour has just been telling me that her mother used to recite it to her and her siblings but she can't remember the words now and would love to find it again. Can anyone help please?
Thank you very much.
Jane Benjamin
Jane Benjamin

I have been researching my family history and my great Aunt has given me a photocopy of an original hand written copy of the poem which was written by her father and my Gt Grandfather Charles Russell. According to the copy I have the first verse above is incorrect and should be

"Now Jim Murphy was one of god?s gentleman
least that?s what the sky pilot said
and he ought to know the make of a man
out there midst the wounded and dead"

Some of the original wording is difficult to read and I would be interested if anyone has another copy and any other information known about the poem.

Many thanks
Brian Russell
Brian Russell

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