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One of Our St Bernard Dogs is Missing | 23-Sep-05

A moot point
Whether I was going to
Make it
I just had the strength
To ring the bell

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I believe this is a pastiche based on the spoken introduction to the song "Coming In On a Wing and a Prayer". You may find it useful to place an enquiry in the lyrics forum at www.mudcat.org
Craig Souter

The poem is in full in David Crystal's The History of the English Language. Perhaps the poet's name is Simpson? Can't quite remember, but certainly it's in David Crystal's book.
Inge Lederer

One of our St Bernard Dogs Is Missing

A moot point
Whether I was going to
Make it.
I just had the strength
To ring the bell.

(N. F. Simpson, 1977)
Jay Foad

I was at a function where this piece was read out by the actor Freddie Jones. If there is any possibility of approaching him, he will surely be able to help. I remember the reading was very funny and was superbly read. Don't think it was a poem though.
Eileen Northall

This poem is also in "For all Occasions" a collection of poems compiled by Peter Barkworth pub Methuen - a treasure trove of poems!
Pat Aylett

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