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'The Key to the Kingdom' | 26-Sep-05

'The Key to the Kingdom'
by Ed Reed

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Can this be referring to the passage in the New TestamentGospel accordfing to St Matthew Chap 15 Verse19
Jesus says to peter "I willgive you the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven"
martin elkes

no it is not refferring to that-
this is a poem about the imagination
we are studying it at grammar atm
umm damn lol im doing it at the moment but lost the sheet the poem is on
wil post later if i find it
Jordan Stent

The key of the Kingdom (by: Ed Reed)

When we were children
We posessed the key to a kingdom
Such as this world has yet to see.
Wherever we went;
By lakes,
And streams,
In woods,
Meadows, and fields,
There was a world beyond belief
In which anything could be something else.
A world
Whose every corner
Would yield some new adventure or surprise.
A world
In which we ruled
And was ours alone.

Only we children had the key,
The key of the kingdom.

A world inhibited by goblins,
Dragons, trolls, whiches, and green-skinned three-eyed floops.
A world of enchanted geography-
Magic forests,
Glass mountains
And fountains of youth.

In this world
We held our castles
Made of TV boxes
Against maurauding bands of Vikings
Armed with swords made of lattice
And shields taken from the tops of garbage

We sailed with Columbus
Across the uncharted waters of a lily pond.
We descended
With Captain Nemo
To 20,000 leagues beneath the bathwater.
We went west with the pioneers
By coaster wagon,
And to the East with Marco Polo
By trycicle.
We defied savage Indians
From the next block
And returned alive
In time for an afternoon nap.
We hunted fierece mam-eating squirrels
We dared damnation
By taking the trainer the trainer wheels
off our first bicycle.
We did a zillion billion other brave,
Fun things.

Now that we are older,
And more mature
This kindgom no longer has our allegiance
We have lost the key
And it has perished with the rest of the misuse
And neglect.

Age is the grave yard
Of all our youthful hopes,
And experiences.

I think this is it, i foudn it on the internet, it's one of my favourite poems :)
Avril Gillan

I remember reading this poem 15 years ago in a book of literature from my English class. I don't remember the book , though. I am now trying to find publication information on it as well.

kristina lindsay

What about this?

This is the key of the kingdom:
In that kingdom there is a city.
In that city there is a town.
In that town there is a street.
In that street there is a lane.
In that lane there is a yard.
In that yard there is a house.
In that house there is a room.
On that bed there is a basket.
In that basket there are some flowers.
Flowers in a basket.
Basket in the bed.
Bed in the room.
Room in the house.
House in the yard.
Yard in the lane.
Lane in the street.
Street in the town.
Town in the city.
City in the kingdom.
Of the kingdom this is the key.


Anne Bingley

This is the first and last poem in Walter de la Mare's wonderful anthology _Come Hither_.
Elizabeth Penrose

The first poem "Key of the Kingdom" by:Ed Reed is filled with numerous spelling errors by the person that rewrote it. Just thought I would let you know.
Taylor Milligan

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