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Where are the brave hearts of old | 26-Oct-04

This could be by an Ulster poet, possibly Frances Brown:

"Where are the brave hearts of old
And where are the faces
my childhood hath seen,
For fair brows are furrowed
and hearts that grow cold
But the....................
And the hills are still green

Aye, green as they rose
to the eyes of my youth
When brothers in arms in their
shadows we met
For the hills have no memory of.....
And their summits are sacred
to liberty yet..."

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The lines seem to be from Frances brown(e)'s poem "The Last Friends" and if you google books her name and the title of the poem you will be able to trace its full content. The poem was written in the 1840's by a blind woman with a patriotic love of Ireland as is evident from this poem and her better known lyric "Songs of our Land".
raymond blair (of galway ireland)

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