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"We must teach our children to smell the Earth.." | 19-Oct-05

"We must teach our children
To smell the Earth
To taste the rain
To touch the wind
To see things grow
To hear the sun rise and night fall
To care"

Possibly by John Cleal?

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Yes this is by John Cleal. He wrote it more than 25 years ago. He made a painting of it, using his own trademark calligraphy, prints of which are still available, I think, from Workshop Wales Gallery, near Fishguard. All his grandchildren grew up with one on the kitchen wall.............
Michas Kotz

Came across this while doing some research on John Cleal this afternoon because I admire him enormously and would dearly like to write his biography. Yes it is his. My framed print, which graces our landing, states at the bottom that the original is: "Our Sixth Sense", words and calligraphy by John Cleal, oils on canvas, four and a half inches by twenty three and a half inches, copyright 1992. He is a very gifted individual who has lived and worked in Pembrokeshire for about forty years. He has an exhibition of paintings and sculptures in a multitude of mediums coming up soon at Workshop Wales. Hope this is helpful. Best wishes, Jan Head.
Jan Head

We purchased a print of this from Workshop Wales which we had framed for our granddaughter. The sentiments are typical of John Cleal and we mourn his passing.
Roger Latton

Yes ,it is John Cleals poem.The original calligraphy for the widely known poem has sadly been lost.It is an oil on canvas and was accidantally sold as the print sometime in the early/mid 1990's.Does anyone out there know where it is?We would love to trace it as John has recently died.If you bought one from the Gallery in Lower Fishguard with a wood [not veneered] frame that has a slightly pale wash on it then you might have the original!
alice cleal

I have a copy of this poem and it is by John Cleal. Its beautiful and if any one knows where i can get another print i would be very greatful.
Rachael O'Kelly

We have just seen a framed version of this poem hanging in Hereford Cathedral with the following as part of the whole:
"Our Sixth Sense
Words and Calligraphy by John Cleal
Oil on Canvas 4.5" by 23.5" (c) 1992"
Richard Price

Like Jan Head I too have a poster of this hanging on my landing. It was given to me by some very dear friends living in Pembrokeshire when my first child was born I would love to give my daughter a print of this and so have just discovered the problems with finding one. Does anyone have any news of a possible solution? It is clearly in demand and favoured by many.
sally slater

I have only just come across this poem ... to my shame, having been ChExec of Wales Craft Council (now defunct) for 10 years - and will now present it to our grandchildren.

But even more importantly, I believe this should now form the basis of all political policies as a move away from tribal party politics to national well-being. One can but hope, as there is little else left!

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