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A sturdy little donkey | 21-Oct-05

The poem begins

"A sturdy little donkey, all dressed in sober [somber?] gray.
Once got it in his long-eared head that he would run away.
So when a little open, he saw the barnyard door
He ran as if he never would go back there any more.
Away that donkey galloped, and ran and ran and ran
And ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran and ran.
Behind him ran the groom, and the cook and coachman too..."

The chase continues. Donkey is called Barney.

Seen in a collection of poems in the mid 1950s, which also contained the poem by William Hughes Mearns (1875-1965) 'The Little Man Who Wasn't There'.

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I know ths poem too! But I haven't been able to find it. I would also like to know the name of the anthology it appeared it.
Sondra Frisch

It's really quite old and I know all the words (and can reproduce them, if anyone wants to know) from my childhood (1930s) and my grandmother told it to my father (c1900) before that! I have never seen it printed anywhere. My children and grandchildren all know it.
Anne Duncumb

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