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"Lads in your Plaidies lying far..." | 17-Nov-05

"Lads in your Plaidies lying far
In lands we'll never see..."

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"Lads in your plaidies lyin' still
In lands we'll never see,
This lanely cairn on a hameland hill
Is a' that oor love can dee;
An' fine an' braw we'll mak' it a',
- But oh, my Bairn, my Bairn,
It's a cradle's croon that'll aye blaw doon
To me fae the Soldiers' Cairn.

- last verse of 'The Soldiers' Cairn' by Scots poet Mary Symon.

E.M. MacGregor

You will find these lines in a poem called " The Soldiers Cairn" by Mary Symon. You will be able to hear it read on You Tube. Hope this of help.
Bill Ritchie

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