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"With hands like spades" | 13-Jan-06

With hands like spades
And a heart full of love
My father
My father

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I remember hearing this poem back when i was in primary school. I think it's possible it could be an irish poem.
Dan Hards

I recall it was used in a TV advert some years ago. But I can't remember which one
Geoff Boden

It was a Heinz advert...

Wish I could find the whole thing.
Emma Gedge

I have seen the following quoted as an Irish proverb, if that helps.

With hands like spades
And a heart full of gold
My father
My father

David Gibson

the advert was a heinz ad. but i cant find the poem
bev welsh

I thought it was a poem by Flann O'Brien.
jim barrie

Can you find the poet

With hands like spades
and heart full of love
my father, my father
Andrea Greene

Hands like shovels and a heart full of love, my father, O my father - Seamus Heaney
b kane

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