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"They are not thick bars..." | 21-Feb-06

"They are not thick bars
Yet there you lie with small grave eyes, brooding glassily
While your paws uncurl their claws lazily
and your tail have twitches them fall again"

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Another enquirer informs us that the poem is called 'The Cage' by WW Gibson. We would still like to find out where this poem can be found, as it does not appear in Gibson's Collected Poems.
Poetry Library

can anyone give me the name of the poet "The cage" I beleive it was a woman. Across the bars the people stream in gay confusion till they seem distinct as thoughts that blur in dream, you heed them not you watch the dream. Then spread inmeasurable spaces, vast trees garmented with moonlight, places of creeping shadows, scents of blood by dark water where the flood glitters with monstrous stars, And you are crouching creeping bounding through the illimitable spaces
Alan webster

I have always attributed this poem to Ruth Manning-Saunders. It was recited by Alison Jupp at St Brandon's School in the late 1960s and I have always remembered those opening lines. Alan Webster fills in a little more of the memory. I wonder who did write it?
Sue King

I learnt this poem at school, it always impressed me. I am sure it was written by a woman, but her name I do not recall. Can any one enlighten me? Can anyone write the full poem down. Thanks.
Alan Webster

I am also looking to see the whole of this poem in print.I always thought that it was indeed by Ruth Manning Sanders but It does not show up in her poetic works. In My youth (I am 78 now) I was a zoo keeper and it was then I learnt the poem by heart .Alas mostly now forgotten; I can add a scattering of lines after those of Alan Webster. that continues.. You with paws like pounding hammers you with claws like curled scythes striking slantwise to kill You unaccountable magnificent ...(the rest is lost to me until the end ......Black and white the people stream across the slim stiff bars. You heed them not, you watch the dream. A beautifully sculptured poem.
Colin Watson

I learnt this poem when I was about 10 back in 1960 and I feel fairly sure it begins as follows...

They are not thick those bars
Yet there you lie with cold grey(?) eye, brooding glassily
While your heavy paws uncurl their claws , lazily.
They are not thick, those bars.
Pat Windross

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