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Aunt Matilda's Children | 21-Feb-06

"Aunt Matilda's children, they are playing hide and seek
But they say i cannot join them
As I have on shoes that squeak"

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could this be Matilda who told such dreadful lies, it made her Aunt ...

by Edward Lear
Jill Thomas

From The Littlest One by marion st.john webb.The squeaky shoes.
There's aunt matilda's child'en
and they're playin' hide-an-seek,
but they sez I mustn't join them
'cos Ive got shoes that squeak.

An' when you're playin' hidin'
you must never make a sound,
or they'll creep along an hear you,
and you're certain to be found

They said," Put on your slippers,
come along an' hide away. "
but I said I'd keep my shoes on
or I wouldn't go an play.

So they've gone to play without me.
they can jus' do what they choose.
'cos I had them new this morning
I shall sit an' wear my shoes.
sue moorhouse

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