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They say that love is blind my dear | 22-Feb-06

They say that love is blind my dear 
but how can that be true 
to me it's like a searchlight 
bringing hidden charms to view 


And blind indeed must be the eyes 
that cannot soon discover 
the beauty that is yours my love 
and keeps me still your lover.

This poem was printed on a silk cushion cover given to our enquirer's mother by ehr father on his return from overseas (he was in the Merchant Navy) sometime in the 1940's.

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I memorized this poem as a child from an old silk pillow that my mom had. The pillow was purple and had gold piping along the edge. I'm not sure where she got it from, but I certainly remember the pillow and the poem after all these years (over 30 years ago).
Natasha Benn

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