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Mr and Mrs Hippopotamus | 22-Feb-06

Mr and Mrs Hippopotamus
and their sons Joss, Jock and Jossimus
and their daughters Flo and Flossimus
all got on the bus to go to the park.

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?..to go out to tea.
the bus driver made such a fuss
at the weight of Hippopotamus....?

I'ld like to know too!
Tim Fitzpatrick

Now Mr Hippopotamus and Mrs Hippopotamus, together they got on a bus to go out to tea. The bus groaned and made such a fuss at the weight of hippopotamus, it's really getting worse & worse, have pity on me.

Said Mr Hippopotamus to (Flo?) & Little Flossimus, now that theres such a lot of us, come sit on my knee

The bus groaned & made such a fuss at the weight of hippopotamus (etc)..
Marina Houliston

I found the words for this song in an old educational song book I had at home. It comes from "Seven simple songs for children by Anne Mendoza and Joan Rimmer".

1. Once Mister Hippopatumus
And Missus Hippopotamus
Together they got on a bus
To go out to tea.

2. Their daughters Lil and Flossimus
And sons John, Jack and Jossimus,
They also were upon the bus
To go out to tea.

3. Then Mister Hippopotamus
To Lil and little Jossimus
Said "Now there's such a lot of us
Come sit on my knee".

4. The bus groaned and made such a fuss
At the weight of Hippopotamus
"It's really getting wuss and wuss
Have pity on me".
Yvonne K

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