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Oh dear dear | 21-Mar-06

"If you'd like to hear a story of many years ago,
  Then gather round, good children, and I'll tell you all I  
  It's all about a princess who couldn't quite behave,
  And how a naughty ogre took that princess to his cave,
  And how the little princess was rescued by a prince,
  And how they've been so very very happy ever since.

  Extraordinary! Wonderful!
  Fascinating! Queer!
  Marvellous! Incredible!
  Oh dear, dear "

  This is by the radio and music hall comedian Ronald Frankau.  It was published in a collection of poems and stories belonging to my eldest brother, probably in the 1940s.  Does anyone have the full text or know of the publication? 

Lynne Downes

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I don't know whether this will help but there is a book by Frankau published by Frederick Warne in 1929, called 'Oh,dear, oh, dear!' available on the 'abebooks' website!
angela turner

I'd like to thank Angela Turner for her comment. I have since located this poem in a collection of poems & stories for children, "The Children's Golden Treasure Book", which was published in the 1940s & which we had as children in the forties and fifties. It was such a delight to find the book (through abebooks) & to hold it again after all those years.
Lynne Downes

Does anyone have the full text - we lost my mother last year and she used to recite this to me and I still remember it (mostly) but I would love to see the full text....
Many thanks
Kate Washington

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