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Epitaph to Cody | 31-Mar-06

"Yet once again, Fell Science takes her toll
Reaps trivial flesh, but fails to reach teh soul.
Corpse strewn the path, so she strides on her way
To knowledge full,....(to?) scientific day

No smiles of fortune eased this strenuous life,
Till, all alone, he had fought his manly strife,
Leaders desprised This leader of the Corps
Shewing safety's course to this our threatened shore.

Self taught in youth in [Marwell's?] glorious prime
By skill self-taught he rode the air sublime
Let this be Cody's epitaph sincere,
'He taught his fellowmen to perervere'"

Included with the poem is the text "Rectory - Ryton upon Tyne 15th August 1913" Any information?

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