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The Signalman's Daughter | 20-Apr-06

Poem about a train, a collapsed bridge, and the daughter of a signalman, who saves the day and averts the accident.

Lines remembered from the poem include:

"The mother swooned and slept"

"Oh God it is the bridge,
The bridge is broke,
The bridge is broke
The steps are steep and high
God guide thy feet tis nigh the hour
When the midnight mail goes by."

"Your father sleeps in his signal cap
His spirit wakes in heaven."

The poem is believed to be by an English poet, about an incident that occurred in England, possibly in the late nineteenth century.

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did you find the poem that you were looking for The Signalman?
I have a friend whose mother has just died and the mother oftern recited this poem. I would like to find it for my friend. Thanks!!
Dihane Mallette

I am studying this at school and I need quotes to describe the traveller!!!
Jaahid Ahmad

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