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Poem about Little Mike who falls into the River Thames | 30-May-06

The poem was recited by our enquirer's mother and dates back to late Victorian or early Edwardian days. It starts.:
How's the boy this morning?
Why do you shake your head?
Ah! I can see what's happened
There's a screen drawn round the bed.
So  poor little Mike is sleeping
That long last sleep of all...
It goes on to relate that the writer was out on a cold foggy London night walking his dog when he overheard two urchins talking in broad cockney in an alcove on a bridge. One was telling the other that if he fell in the river he would reach a happy land where God lived there was no cold and hunger and eternal sunshine and warmth. " there was the sound of a splash etc.. then " A boat put out from the landing...
Little Mike wakes in the Hospital bed warm and cosy just as his friend had told him and with the elderly white bearded doctor leaning over him..." Are you God? he said..."
Our enquirer says: "A tear jerker if ever there was one. My Mother first recited it to me when I was six...  and I cried my eyes out. I must admit it still brings a lump to my throat."

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This poem is called . " THE ROAD TO HEAVEN "
It is one of my all time favourites,and it is in a book I have and treasure,called
The thousand best poems in the world.
Ann Clucas

Who wrote this poem and can anyone let me have a copy? We have been searching for years and years.
John Grantham

I too have searched for it for years. My mother, who would now be ninety learnt it at school in Australia for elocution. May I have a copy too please?
Suzanne Ellis

My sister and I both remember our mother, recently deceased (age 82), reciting this poem to us. I have not seen it in print but would love to obtain a copy if one is available.
Philip Parkin

There is actually quite a bit more to the version presented here. If anyone is still interested, I will add the several hundred additional words and post it. Or if you wish, send it in an e-mail.
Joe Rousseau

This poem was written by GEORGE ROBERT SIMS
Muriel Kilby

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