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Mrs Peabody Fitch | 30-May-06

"Mrs Peabody Fitch was terrible rich
With a house as big as a mountain.
With... and ...
And ... fountain."

From illustrated children's book availalbe in public libraries in the 1970s.

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And fishes that swam in the fountain.

That's all I can remember. My Dad used to read it to me. It's about a niece and her pelican that helps to foil a robbery. I lent the book to friends several years ago and haven't managed to get it back.
Elisabeth Ball

Lovely book: Nanette the Hungry Pelican by William Wise. I was reading it to my grand-daughter when she visited for Christmas. I've read it to my children so many times that I know it by memory; not surprised you liked it. Maybe you can find a second hand copy (I've looked: ?20 through Amazon).
Clifton Hughes

Nanette the Hungry Pelican.. by Williaim Wise and Ilustrated by Winifred Lubell.
Mrs Peabody Fitch's niece Bernice. Fantastic book. I have my original copy I had as a child in the 1970's. Beautiful illustrations. This Christmas I brought it over to the States to r read to my little own niece. She loved it. Although I bought it back home with me as a very precious book and poem to me too!! A marvellous book and exquisitely illustrated too. A great poem to memorise too!
It's now back in France with my parents......going to find out if any other book by the same were published,

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