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"Chilli con carne without the chilli is just mince" | 30-May-06

Modern poem about a boy who wants his ex-girlfriend to like his new girlfriend. The poem is the ex-girlfriend's scathing comments about her replacement and includes a line reading "Chilli con carne without the chilli is just mince". Poet's first name possibly Eleanor.

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Hello I think the poem you are looking for is Bitcheral by Eleanor Brown The following is from Bloodaxe Books website biography of her
'Eleanor Brown was born in 1969, and grew up in Scotland. After reading English Literature at York University, she became a menial in the Banqueting Department of a Cambridge hotel, and then a Pizza Express waitress. She later travelled in France, where she lived for a while in a convent; after working as a barmaid in a North London pub for several years, she served time as a legal secretary before taking up her present post of Writing Fellow at the University of Strathclyde. In 1997 her first collection Maiden Speech was shortlisted for the Mail on Sunday/John Llewellyn Rhys Prize, and her new version of Sophocles' play Philoctetes was staged by Inigo at the Cockpit Theatre in London. Eleanor Brown was one of the five young poets in Bloodaxe's 1997 New Blood promotion.'

Melanie Prince

The quote is not quite correct. It should be
"but - chilli con carne without any chilli
is only a plateful of mince". These are the last two lines of "Bitcherel" by Eleanor Brown, published in her collection "Maiden Speech" by Bloodaxe in 1996 ISBN 1-85224-351-1.
It was superbly read by Daisy Goodwin on a Poetry Programme on BBC TV about four years ago.
Tony Finn

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