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Young Friend | 18-Jul-06

Young friend, thou yet art young, and I am

     Growing very old,

And thou hast powers which future years

     Will perfect and unfold,

While I am waning to the west,

In truth a great deal past my Best.


?Tis not my talent to advise

Although my head is grey.

Old Time will never make me wise

     But Thee I hope it may.

For that is in thee I behold

     That may be wise when thou art old;


A strong intensity of Faith

     That can believe in good.

And hope as strong as wild bird?s song

     Singing in native wood.

But most of all Sweet Charity

That cast a friendly look at me.

This poem may have been written by Hartley Coleridge  (1796-1849) but it does not appear in the 'Collected Poems'.

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