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"To Abu Saeed his servant came..." | 21-Jul-06

"To Abu Saeed his servant came with ashen lips...
I must go home to Samara"

There could be variant spelling in the name eg:

"To Abou Sayeed his servant came with ashen lips...
I must go home to Samara"

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Could this be from the very brief story called Appointment in Sumara about a Bagdad merchant's servant who sees death in the marketplace? I remember the story but alas not the writer.
Carol Schuler

i see by the date of you posting that you have probably found out now. i am not sure of the writer but my husband always quoted the story to illustrate you couldn't avoid death when your time comes............ as i remember it is this, a man hearing he is due to die , tries to cheat death by going on a long trip to samara, while on the train he meets death in his long robe and says to him "where are you going" and death says " i have an appointment in Samara.

i am thinking about this today because my husband died 6 weeks ago and , i missed him today when on the news there was a short item about a helecopter crash in samara, he and i would have looked at each other and nodded, each knowing what we meant.
Fiona Seltzer

'The Destined Hour' by F.L. Lucas can be found in Every Poem Tells A Story, edited by Raymond Wilson and published by Viking Kestrel in 1988.
Poetry Library

The short story 'Appointment in Samara' was written by Somerset Maugham in 1933. It is very short and basically the servant goes to Samara to avoid Death but Death was on his way to Samara to meet the servant. Thank you to a visitor to Lost Quotes for passing that on.
Poetry Library

I have a copy of said poem with the title given as
"The Destined Hour"
Arnot Manson

F. L. Lucas, "The Destined Hour" (1953)
James Paris

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