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Poem based on Desert Island Discs | 24-Jul-06

Poem possibly heard on Radio 4. Contemporary poem based on the radio programme Desert Island Discs. Poem may have gone through all the things that people would take with them and ended to the effect "I would take you". Possibly written by a female, UK-based poet.

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That sounds like Wendy Cope.
Jane Wickenden

There is a poem by Fleur Adcock, in "The Incident Book" if I remember rightly, about the choice of book, and man, for a desert island, but she comes to the conclusion she'd rather have a waterproof crate of cigarettes and "nobody, thank God, to lecture you/on how he managed to give them up".
Judy Taylor

This may be 'As well as the Bible and Shakespeare...?' by U.A. Fanthorpe. This can be found in her Collected Poems 1978-2003, published by Peterloo Poets in 2005. The poem was read on Poetry Please on 7 May 2006.
Poetry Library

I am trying to trace a poem that was in one of my books at secondary school in 1959.

I do not know the title of the poem but the first two lines go:-

"There once was an old man and 'tho tis not common
Yet if said to be true he was born of a woman."

Through researching the Internet I have come up with the poets - 1. Ewart Milne, 2. Patrick Galvin and 3. A.P. Herbert.

I want to know if the poem I am looking for is by either of these three poets. The first two lines are quoted above.

If it is possible for you to locate it for me, I would be very grateful and I would like to be sent or emailled a copy of the poem, please.

Look forward to hearing from you positively on this.

Yours sincerely,

Pat Roffey (Mrs.)

51 Eastbourne Avenue,
NN18 0JJ,
Pat Roffey

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