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The Seasons | 31-Jul-06

"Meadows of mayflowers, butterflies and bees,
Children whose ice-creams drip on their knees,
Feet on the firm sand, then splash on the sea,
Run back to the sand dune, hungry for tea.

Carpet of bluebells, lambs on the hills,
Birds singing sweetly, new daffodils,
Silky-soft chickens, fluffy to hold,
Warm hot cross buns, to keep out the cold.

Church bells ringing, stars in the sky,
Ice on the window, snow piled high,
Mince pies and fresh cream, Christmas cake too,
Parcels of presents, from me to you.

Squirrels in the trees, leaping around,
Leaves red and yellow, fall to the ground,
Sparks from a bonfire, light up the night,
Sausages sizzle, ready to bite."

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