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The Poor Man's Garden | 14-Sep-06

This is a poem credited to 'Madeley'. Two verses of the poem are used to enhance the floral descriptions in the book Flowers In Britain by L.J.F. Brimble (1947). The book included once verse for the Meadow Cranesbill and one for the Cornflower as follows:

"Then wait till June is over and the dogstar's turning;
Wait until the Cornflower comes with harvest-tide;
Watch her in the barley blowing kisses in the morning;
And tell me what is bluer in the whole world wide!"

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A reader of the quarterly magazine "Evergreen" has requested the words of this poem. If any of the readers knows the whole poem they have been asked to send it to Evergreen, PO Box 52, Cheltenham,GL50 1YQ. If I see it I will let you know!
pauline Kisky

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