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Waves Against a Dog | 14-Oct-06

Waves Against a Dog

May include the lines:

"Had I had the power I would have stretched that wave on this rock and bitten it"

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Now 57, learnt it when I was 10! It's called "Waves against a dog" by Tanare Baybar Spelling?) I remember other lines.."but now I thrust my jaw against the (at this?) foam, salting my teeth and adulterating my saliva and my teeth get hold of nothing, just whiteness and the sun"
Lyn Dixon

Any idea where I can find a printed copy of this poem, 'Waves Against a Dog' by Taner Baybars?

I've looked in his various collections and it's not there. I learnt it as part of a Speech and Drama exam but the society that ran those exams disposed of all its material many years ago.

Liz Rowlands

I also remember it from a speech and drama exam. I would love to find a copy. If anyone has managed to find it please let me know.
Louise Lewis

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