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"There was a funny animal..." | 21-Nov-06

There was a funny animal that lived up in a tree, 
He had the queerest little ways that ever you did see, 
He could not chew a single nut and fruit would give him fits,
The only thing on which it thrived were bright new thru'penny bits.

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The poem in my recollection has are a few differences in the first verse: 'there was a little animal'; 'he would not eat a single nut' and 'brand new thruppeny bits'
The second verse, I recall only partly:
'... and then to his surprise,
he thought he'd try and cultivate
an appetite for flies.

He swallowed one, it went down whole
it ... and ... in his inside
Sorry I cannot recall more.

Please let me know if you can reconstruct any more of it.

Best wishes,

James Henderson

James Henderson

There was a funny animal up in a tree, he had the queerest habits you ever did see, he wouldn't chew a single nut and fruit would give him fits, the only thing on which he thrived was bright new thru'penny bits,
He had a great long tail, tied neatly in a bow for which the only reason was because he liked it so,
He had a voice so very shrill, that when to sing he tried, each beast and bird and little worm who heard it quickly died, he liked to dance from dawn till dusk, he didn't give a jot, he liked to bathe in Spanish juice and muched preferred it hot !
He lived to be a hundred years and found to his surprise he developed an appetite for fly's, he swallowed one, it went down whole, it was so big and strong, it buzzed and buzzed in his insides it made him feel all wrong, he undid the bow in his long tail for he knew he'd soon be dead and laid upon his little back and this is what he said,' here I lie killed by a fly that in my bosom sits and yet I think I'd rather die than still eat thru'penny bits '

I think there may be other verses I'm not sure, but I do remember my mother telling me this poem many years ago and I still enjoy it today, I hope this helps, if you do find anymore verses, please let me know
Kind regards
Sheila ee

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