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The Dun Cow and the Elephant | 09-Jan-07

Looking for a poem entitled 'The Dun Cow and the Elephant' by Roberta Shuttleworth that includes the lines

"About two thousand years ago an elephant who's dead  
stood staring at an old dun cow who rested in her shed."

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Cant help with the quote but she taught me poetry and recitation at school in 1950s and gave me a prize the Oxford Book of English
Verse. She was a marvellous character and dressed wonderfully - a real treat when she came into a classroom.
carol jaye

I,too, have been looking for this poem and have finally obtained a copy. Let me know if you are still interested.
Brenda Broom

I do not have information regarding this poem but I was taught poetry and elocution by her at school. It was my favourite class and I will never forget her teachings, such as " On the fifth. sixth and seventh of february, there will be a series of meetings on literary subjects" Not exactly correct, but close to it! I would like to know if any one has the words to Humbert Wolfe's ' Boy in the Dusk,' a special favourite of mine that Miss Shuttleworth taught me.
Josephine Gencorelli nee Knapp

... He never stirred, or tried to speak/ But listened hard instead - With ears of quite abnormal size - A fearsome quadruped!/ The cow just chewed the cud a bit/ Then, very calmly, said/ "Are you obliged to wear your tail/ Suspended from your head?"/ The elephant made no reply/ But raised his trunk, and fed - And that is why the cow still stares/ And why she turned so red!
Fiona McIntosh

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