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Why doesn't she come? | 09-Jan-07

Why doesn't she come?
I know we said eight
Or was it half past?
That clock must be fast...


This poem describes how a boyfriend worries when his girlfriend does not keep with the appointment.

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We have found this poem in A.P. Herbert's collection 'She Shanties'. This book was published by T. Fisher Unwin in 1926.
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Why doesn't she come?

I know we said eight

Or was it half past?

That clock must be fast
Why doesn't she come?

She?s ten minutes late,
I?ll sit by the door
And see her come in;
I?ve brought her a rose,
I?ve borrowed a pin
I?ll be very sever,
I?ll tell her, ?My Dear
You mustn?t be late.?
It?s a quarter past eight.
Why doesn't she come?

Why doesn't she come?

This must be the place.
Sge couldn?t forget,
Or is she upset?
Why doesn't she come?

Am I in disgrace?
Oh, well if it?s that,
We were both in the worng
I?ll give her the rose
And say I was wrong
I?ll her akiss
And tell her I?m sorry
?I?m terribly sorry.?
Why doesn't she come?

Perhaps she is ill
I fancied last night
Her eyes were too bright-
A feverish chill?
She?s lying in bed
She?s light in the head
She?s dying-she?s dead
Why doesn't she come?

Why doesn't she come?

She?s tired of me- ah!
I?ve noticed a change;
Last night she looked strange
So this the end?
Why couldn?t she say?
Well, never again!
She needn?t explain.
I know who it is-
I know who it is?
I?ve done with her now

Why doesn't she come?

It?s nearly half past.
Well never again1
I?ll send her the rose
She?d laugh I suppose!
A flirt and a fraud!
I?ll travel abroad.
I?ll go to the East
I?ll shoot a wild beast,
And now for a drink,
I?ll have a stiff drink-
A brandy I think-
And drown myself in it.
I?ll shoot myself?.. Oh
How I love her!- ? Hul-lo!
What? Late? Not a minute!?

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nimal premachandra

Great poem,read it in high school a few decades ago. One of my fav to this day. Think the poem depicts the anxiety of a new love, the uncertainty and excitement that comes with it. This is a young man excited to see his conquest but still unsure of the woman's feelings towards him hence his delusions. I could be wrong but I The woman finally arrives as illustrated by the last 2 sentences.
Godi Godi

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