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In a fold on the wold... | 09-Jan-07

In a fold on the wold, here were little young lambs
And the wind blew so cold, they ley lea on their dams
And a shepherd old man, he leaned over their cotes
And a lilt he began, with a handful of notes

This poem was in a school book used in the 1940s.

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Thanks to our friends at the Scottish Poetry Library (www.spl.org.uk), we can identify this poem as 'The Little Young Lambs', by Patrick Chalmers in a book called For Your Delight: an anthology for children, ed. Ethel L. Fowler (Faber, 1924). Why not try identifying some of their Lost and Found poems here: www.spl.org.uk/lost/lost.html.
Poetry Library

I recieved a gold medal fo receiting this poem, aged around 11 or 12, in Scunthorpe
Jayne de Groot

I have this poem in a book entitled "For Your Delight", first published in 1924 by Faber. My copy is a 1952 reprint.

The wording is very slightly different to the wording above.....
In the fold
On the wold
There were little young lambs
An' the wind blew so cold
The laid lee o'their dams....................
John Lingard

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