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The beetle, the bat and the bee | 09-Jan-07

Looking for a poem that includes the lines

"The beetle, the bat and the bee
Were wrecked on the isle of Bourree 
With a barrel of gum and a tom-tom drum 
and a hammock for each of the three."

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This is "The Castaways" by E.V.Rieu. I have it in a 50's anthology, "The Poet Speaks" selected by Marjorie Gullan and Clive Sansom.
gill shea

I have 'The Castaways' in a selection of poems called Cuckoo Calling by E.V. Rieu, A Book of Verse for Young People, published 1933. Do you want the whole poem?
Jennifer Thornton

Hello, I came across this query when looking for the above verse. Could either gill shea or jennifer thornton send me the whole poem please if possible?

Gill Thacker
Gillian Thacker

This is a poem that was taught to the " o" levels class by our English Lit. teacher Mother Andrew as part of our Choral speaking classes at the Convent of Jesus and Mary in Lahore , Pakistan circa 1962 ! Have been trying to find it in anthologies etc but alas in vain ! Of course it doesn't help that I don''t recall the name of the poet !
shameem hilaly

A beetle, a bat and a bee
Were wrecked on the isle of Bourree
With a barrel of gum and a tom-tom drum
and a hammock for each of the three."
in that lonely lugubrious place ,
their life was an utter disgrace,
the things that were done ,
when the night had begun ,
shall I tell you I haven?t the face !
I?d like to but feel that I cant ,
when I think of your elderly aunt,
How surprised she would be,
how disgusted with me,
That settles the matter I sha`n`t !
Wallace susan

Could Jennifer Thornton or gill shea please send me the full poem.I loved it the ninths 50's & would be so pleased to see it in full again
Brenda Allan

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