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The sun had set, the shadows fell... | 19-Jan-07

The sun had set, the shadows fell
The parkman rang the closing bell
The children scampered twards the gate
As if afraid of being late
And no-one noticed little Jane
Who'd left them and turned back again
She's left her dolly in the park.

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My mother used to recite this poem to us and I can remember most of it.
It continues:
Now Jane had really gone to find
Her doll which she had left behind,
Upon the seat or in the grass,
She had forgotten which, Alas!
And whispering nightmoths whispered low,
"She oughtn't to be here you know".
And from a tree, a big owl peeping
Cried " To wit-to woo! You should be sleeping.
Still Jane kept on by pathways neat,
Till suddenly, upon a seat.
Her poor lost darling she espied,
And clasping in a warm embrace,
She showered kisses on her face.
The Parkman, going his last round,
The little couple sleeping found,
Andbeing nice and kind, 'tis said,
He carried both safe home to bed.
There's just a bit about 'geraniums red to neighbouring blue lobelias said, "I wonder why that child in white
Has been locked in with us tonight."
Pat Burgess

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