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"On the nineteenth of October my lover he was born" | 26-Apr-07

"On the nineteenth of October my lover he was born,

His mother's gossips brought him a pale rose and a thorn

The thorn was strong, the rose was pale, but oh her scent was sweet

And they bound the Shoes of Wandering upon my lover's feet.

They gave him eyes of hazel, that he might surely see

The canker in the rosebud, the Dryad in the tree

They gave [to] him an apple and said 'thou shalt not eat'

And they brought the Shoes of Wandering and bound them on his feet.

They gave him slender fingers more quick to pluck than keep

They blew off from his eyelids the dreary walls of sleep

Dream when you wake they bade him Say farewell when you meet

And they bound the Shoes of Wandering on his reluctant feet.

With their unlucky wisdom he reads the book of life

And he is one with beauty and all his soul's at strife

With weariness and languor and yet his days are sweet

That he wears the Shoes of Wandering bound fast upon his feet."

read to her pupils by the headmistress of a girls? boarding school in Great Malvern (to which it had been evacuated from Kent) around 1915-17.

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