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Along the shore... around the coast from Deal | 05-Jun-07

My father recites snatches of a poem he learnt as a child in the 1920s but he cannot remember its name or author.  The opening line is "Along the shore... around the coast from Deal to..."  It is a narrative poem, along the lines of the Rime of the Ancient Mariner, of an old sailor standing on a beach listing all the positions he holds on a ship.  It also contains the line "upon a rock I spied an elderly naval man".  When asked how he can hold all these positions on one ship he tells of how he and the crew of a ship were shipwrecked and adrift in a lifeboat.  They decided to eat one another and he was the last one to survive so he has some of each postholder inside him.  The last one he ate was the cabin boy, who he held by the heels and drowned.

Any ideas what the poem might be?

Alastair McCracken

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