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"I am not leaving!..." | 25-Nov-04

I am not leaving!
Please hear what I said,
I am not leaving!
I'm staying where I'm at, thank-you very much.

And as long as I stand upon her soil,
She will be my land of the free.
As long as I believe what I believe,
You will see the meaning of brave!

I will not under threat of tyranny or mob,
Toss the place that I love in the ashen pile of lost causes,
And walk quietly into a meaningless mist!

No, I will stay, and you will listen.
You will not lecture me about values!
You will not receive the exclusive rights to my morality!
Please hear what I said.

For where ever I stand upon her soil,
I am the deep well of my beloved country's finest values and highest morals:
Fairness, compassion, wisdom, strength, common sense, tolerance,
And you shall tremble before them,

For they are righteous!

So let the cheers for my demise die this night in a million throats!
Let the gloating turn to great and frightening doubt!
For I am not leaving!

My beloved country needs me now more than ever she has before.
And I pledge my allegiance to that which she still is,
And to that great and shining day that she has yet to live!

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