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Strive to be happy | 15-Jul-07

Enquirer believes that this was a poem by Patience Strong, which he read in a magazine in a doctor's surgery.

The poem includes the lines:

"Strive to be happy" said one who was wise
"Happiness does not fall out of the skies"

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I think that this is from Kahlil Gibran'sDesiderata. It is the last line of "Go placidly amid the noise and haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence."
Miriam Robbins

As i child (40 years ago!)i learnt by heart this poem while on a long bus journey. my grandma clipped it from a womens magazine (womens weekly i think) I know the first verse but think there are more and unfortunatly don't know the authors name. I would love to know who wrote it and find out more about this poem.
Laurie Winston

I am also looking for the same poem. Please tell if yu managed to find it. Thank you.
heather shaw

I also am trying to find this poem, I have a very old cutting from a magazine, the poem goes,

"strive to be happy said one who wise, happiness does not drop out of the skies
nor does it come to your door as a guest, it has to be coaxed in to come in and to rest
It must be striven for, sought day by day, seized at when passing and tempted to stay!
It is not easy to pinion its wings, catch and keep it enjoy what it brings.
Satan is out to disturb and destroy all who are seeking for peace or for joy.
Don't think its simple this blessing to win...Strive to be happy and never give in!

Very inspirational I think...........

Barbara Wood

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