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I know a man who's old and wise | 08-Nov-07

First lines of a poem the enquirer read at school in the late 1950s:

I know a man who's old and wise / He reads the wind he reads the skies

Can anyone help?

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I know a man who's old and wise
He reads the wind and reads the skies
He knows when storms will plough his way
He knows what rain will fall each day.

He will take you where the primrose shine
He knows the early selandines
He names each bird that by him flies
His eyes are very blue and wise

All day and night he tends the sheep
He hears them bleating in his sleep
There's not a lamb upon the farm
He hasn't carried in his arm

I wish I knew the things he knows
The night time skies, the wind that blows
The singing of birds, the bleating cries
I wish I were a shepherd wise

K Subramanian

Is K. Subramanian is same as K.S. Subramanian
paul antony

I have a copy of this, copied by hand, by my late mother. There are a couple of small differences in my mother's version. The word "blow" makes more sense than "plough" when describing a storm (line 3)' Celandine is the correct spelling of that flower (line 6).

Graeme Lyall

I learned this poem as a child !! A blast from the past. I couldn't remember who wrote it though.
Rose Smith

This poem was written by Enid Blyton
Samit .C

yes, it is blow!
jo connor

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